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OU/Miami Quick Hits

In a game that will draw a capacity crowd, nation wide press and NFL scouts from about seven different teams the Oklahoma Sooners will renew the rivalry with the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday morning. It's a hard ticket to come by so if you are relegated to watching it from your home don't forget to stop by here and talk about the game with other Sooner fans on the game thread.

Kyle Wrong - How bad is Kyle Wright? Apparently he's bad enough that in spite of Kirby Freeman throwing for less than 100 yards against Marshall Hurricane coach Randy Shannon says that Freeman will take all the snaps against Oklahoma.

"I'm not worried about Kyle right now. We've still got Kirby Freeman. Kirby's our guy. If something happens to go wrong, a shoe comes off, then Kyle will go in. You never know what can happen in a game." - Randy Shannon

Return of Sam Shields - The Hurricanes will have receiver Sam Shields back in uniform after a one game suspension for breaking team rules. Last season Shields caught 37 passes for 501 yards and four touchdowns.

Chink in the Armor? - We've raved about the quality of the Miami defense and the pressure that they could put Oklahoma's offense. Word this week that starting corner Glenn Sharpe won't play because of injury could give OU the advantage they are looking for.

Patrick in the backfield not on special teams - Running back Allen Patrick will play for the Sooners this weekend but not on special teams according to running backs coach Cale Gundy.

Patrick and Brown will be welcomed back with open arms because not only do they give the Sooners fresh legs they also are the big brusing backs needed to pound the ball up the middle. If the rain does come and this turns into a ground and pound slug fest then Patrick will be worth his weight in gold.