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Five Reasons to be Confident Against Miami

  1. Sam Bradford - Yes, it may still be too early to put our hopes on the shoulders of a redshirt freshman quarterback but Bradford did prove himself last Saturday night. We're not comparing the Hurricanes to North Texas at all but if the Marshall quarterbacks can throw for 183 against Miami then I'm confident that Bradford can go for 200-250 yards which should be enough to win.
  2. Team Speed - Before Saturday night I had massive concerns about Oklahoma's offense going up against Miami's defense and while I'm not currently oozing with confidence knowing that the Sooners won't have a disadvantage when it comes to speed makes me like OU's chances.
  3. Offensive Line - 6-8 / 350, 6-5 / 330, 6-2 / 285, 6-3 / 306, 6-6 / 312 - The Sooners boast one of the best lines in the country and while they'll be put to the test Saturday they'll also be the key to Oklahoma's success.
  4. Defensive Game Plan - If the Hurricanes are going to beat the Sooners then they'll have to do it on the ground. Miami quarterback Kirby Freeman managed only 81 passing yards against Marshall which leads me to believe that the Canes have a one dimensional attack making them easier to game plan for.
  5. Owen Field - Bob Stoops has only lost twice at home in eight seasons as Oklahoma's Head Coach.