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Five Reasons to Fear Miami

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With the door closed on North Texas its time to start looking at OU's next opponent, the Miami Hurricanes. Captain Obvious says that this will be a much stiffer contest for the Sooners than Saturday's shellacking of North Texas.

While there are numerous things that could happen over the course of the week at this point there are five things that stick out about Miami that should cause Sooner fans to be concerned.  

1.    Athletes - The Miami Hurricanes could possibly be the most athletic team that the Sooners play this year. They may have had their struggles over the past few seasons but they are still a recruiting hotbed and the state of Florida produces top athletes every year.

2.    Defense - This will be the strongest defense the Sooners play this season. They are powerful and fast! Sam Bradford had the luxury of not getting touched Saturday night against North Texas. The Oklahoma offensive line will have their work cut out for them against a strong Miami defensive front and the Sooner Nation will get to see how Bradford handles himself under intense pressure.

3.    Tradition - OU fans know better than anyone the power of tradition and traditionally the Sooners have struggled against Miami.

4.    Graig Cooper & Javarris James - The duo rushed for a combined 215 yards and James scored two touchdowns in Miami's 31-3 win over Marshall on Saturday.

5.    Hunger - The Hurricanes are on their way back to the top of college football's elite programs and Oklahoma, sure to move up in this week's polls, could be Miami's quickest way back.  

Of course there are reasons to be confident as well and we'll get to them as the week goes on but for now enjoy your Labor Day!