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Buffaloes Interview with

Oklahoma starts conference play today in Boulder, Colorado in what could possibly be a trap game for the Sooners as the Texas Longhorns are in the shadows for next week. As part of our game day coverage we've invited Marc from come aboard the Machine and give us his takes on the game and the Colorado Buffaloes. Thanks for your time Marc!

CC Machine: How have the Buffaloes improved from last season.

Marc: The Buffs have improved tremendously over the team that played a tight game with the Sooners last year.  For starters we have a QB that can command our offense.  This not only opens up the passing game, but it has allowed us to get a full view of what our new playbook has to offer. Both sides of the ball have bought into the new systems and the new coaching staff. This brings a confidence and an expectation of success.

CC Machine: Looking at the Oklahoma Sooners, which position match-up scares you the most about Oklahoma?

Marc: The matchup that worries me most is how the Buffs offensive line will stack up again against the Sooners D-line.  The Colorado line is coming together nicely as the season progresses, but we have yet to see them have a dominant performance against a fast athletic defensive line.  Speed proved to be a killer for the Buffs against Florida State.  And adding two true freshman to the line since then will only make this a more important test.

CC Machine: What is the key to attacking Colorado's defense?

Marc: Don't try going up the middle.  Brandon Nicholas and George Hypolite will be there to stop any progress there.  And anything they don't squelch will fall right into the arms of the nation's leading tackler Jordan Dizon.  Instead the Buffs are weaker on the perimeter.  Isolating your tightends agianst LBs Brad Jones or Jeff Smart should also prove successful. One more thing, Bradford and Iglesias may be good, but there is no sense in trying to attack CB Terrence Wheatley, he has NFL written all over him.

CC Machine: Key to stopping the offense?

Marc:If the Sooners dominate in the trenches, the CU running game will become a moot point.  The Buffs will quickly become one dimensional and go to the air.  The Colorado passing attack is comprised of predominantly freshman.  They are prone to mistakes.  For the Buffs to come out on top, they have to eliminate costly turnovers in the passing game.

CC Machine: Care to give us a score prediction?

Marc: For the Buffs to win, they have to win the turnover game.  That means not giving anything up while stealing several from the Sooners.  Oh and there will have to be a lot of luck.  Realisitcally, I think this one goes to the Sooners, but the Colorado Defense will be a thorn in Oklahoma's side.   CU 17- OU 31

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