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Hurricane Reduced to Tropical Storm

In the words of former Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green, "They were who we thought they were!" We were told, and believed that the Tulsa Golden Hurricane would be the most powerful offense that the Sooners have faced this season and they were. Tulsa quarterback Paul Smith passed for 350 yards and two touchdowns against the Sooners resulting in the Oklahoma defense giving up a season high 21 points.

However, the Hurricanes punch was lessened by the 62 points the Sooner offense put up. The win didn't come without a great price though. Senior defensive end John Williams suffered a torn Achilles tendon and is lost for the season.

Despite leading at one point in the game 7-0 Tulsa never was a threat to the Sooners, who put on another display of size, power and speed. How good was Tulsa? Offensively they are better than any team OU has faced to this point but defensively they were very insufficient.

Position Grades

Quarterback: A- Take away his interception on the first drive and Sam Bradford had an excellent night. The way it stands, with the interception, Bradford had to settle for just having a great night, completing almost 73% of his passes for 244 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Running back: A+ Allen Patrick was the workhorse rushing for 145 yards and 2 touchdowns on 19 carries. Collectively this unit ran for 283 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Receivers/Tight Ends: A+ Iglesias has been a beast all season and it was great to finally see catch a touchdown pass, two for that matter. You just can't scheme to stop Oklahoma's receivers and tight ends.

Offensive Line: A+ 553 total net yards of offense and no sacks allowed.

Defensive Line: A+ John Williams will be missed but Austin English has a great motor and is off to an amazing start. He was in Paul Smith's face all night.

Linebackers: A+ Tulsa tallied a meager 44 net rushing yards.

Secondary: B+ Paul Smith exploited a few breakdowns in the secondary but some great defensive plays kept the damage to a minimum.

Special Teams: B+ Punting and return units were great but after the third game in a row with a missed extra point I think that it's time to be a little concerned.