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Weak Conference Showing Will Hurt Sooners

It's conceivable that the Big 12's signature win over the weekend was Iowa State's 15-13 win over previously unbeaten Iowa. Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Texas Tech all scored blowout wins over teams from the bottom of their respective conferences while the rest of the schools gave the conference a black eye.

In spite of their win the Texas Longhorns added fuel to the "Big 12 is Weak!" fire by beating Central Florida by only three points, 35-32. No one in the conference really expects, or asks, a whole lot from Baylor in football but it would have been nice to see them beat Texas State by a larger margin than 34-27 but at least they didn't lose.

It was the losses that really hurt the conference's image more than anything. While the Big 12 went 9-3 over the weekend all three losing teams were dominated by their opponents on national television in primetime.

It started Friday night with Oklahoma State getting totally dismantled by Troy then continued on Saturday night with USC's pasting of the defending Big 12 north champs, in Lincoln, followed by one of the most inept offensive performances of the weekend in Colorado's 16-6 loss to Florida State.  

Three primetime performances for the conference over the weekend led to three embarrassing losses! Sooner fans need to take notice of this for two reasons. One, the conference really is weak which makes it more realistic that OU can run the table and finish the regular season 12-0. Secondly, and most alarming, because of the national perception of the conference the Sooners will be left out of the BCS title game if USC and LSU both go undefeated as well.

Big 12 Football Power Rankings
1. Oklahoma - After three weeks there still isn't a stronger case than the Sooners for the top spot in the conference.

2. Texas - The Longhorns get the #2 ranking almost by default. While they have been less than stellar they are still better than any teams from the north at this point of the season.

3. Missouri - The best news of the week for the Tigers was the revelation that Nebraska doesn't have a defense either. Looks like the best offense is going to win the north.

4. Nebraska - Can the Huskers pick up the pieces and move on from here?                    

5. Kansas - 3-0! That's great now go play somebody!    

6. Texas Tech - Oklahoma State failed to defend the spread attack against Troy. The Red Raiders will bring in the same offense but with better athletes.          

7. Texas A&M - The other shoe could drop tomorrow night in Miami for the Aggies.

8. Kansas State - Based on what we've seen so far from the other north teams I don't see why the Wildcats cant be in the mix to represent in San Antonio.  

9. Baylor - Better record than Oklahoma State, Colorado and Iowa State. Can the Bears stay out of the basement?    

10. Colorado - The Buffs are stout on defense but their offense still has a long way to go!      

11. Oklahoma State - How? How did this team get so bad? There is still plenty of time and the great thing about college football is that you are only a week away from turning your season around.

12. Iowa State This team had actually been so bad that I just left them off the rankings last week. After beating Iowa they are still bring up the rear in the conference but at least they are listed this week.