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Utah State Position Grades

Obviously after a 54-3 win there are several things to be happy with but there were also a few things that I noticed yesterday that could be addressed. Here are my position by position grades following the Utah State game.

Quaterback: A -, Yes Sam Bradford did throw an interception that may or may not have been his fault depending on how you look at it. Regardless it still shows up on that stat sheet as an INT but also on Bradford's stat sheet were 255 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Offensive Line: B+, Maybe a little harsh considering the amount of offensive yards but the o-line not only allowed a sack but also allowed Bradford to get knocked around a little. After the performances in the first two games that is unaccepted against Utah State.

Receivers/Tight Ends: A+, No doubt the best in the conference! The unit put together a combined 21 catch, 3 touchdown performance. It's also time to start mentioning Juaquin Iglesias in the same breath as Malcolm Kelly as he is the team's leading receiver and has been a playmaker in all three games.

Running Backs: A+, We thought there was a chance that OU would focus on the running game Saturday and boy did they! As a team the Sooners rushed for 343 yards and 3 touchdowns. DeMarco Murray and Allen Patrick both broke the century mark in rushing yards with Murray doing in on only 4 carries.

Defensive Line: A+, Only registered two sacks but they only allowed the Aggies to rush for 66 net yards. I also realize that part of that credit goes to the linebackers.

Linebackers: A-, Stopped the run and scored a touchdown. Curtis Lofton's 45 yard interception return was Oklahoma's third defensive touchdown in three games. The only concern I had with the linebackers was open receivers across the middle. It happened against Miami and Utah State converted a long third down with a short middle pass.

Secondary: A-, Same grade as the linebackers for the exact same reasons. There are some sideline and middle coverages that need to be worked out.