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Sooner Quotes on Utah State

The Sooners have moved up about as far as they can in the polls now without a team ranked ahead of them losing so now the focus is on remaining undefeated and improving their level of play.  

Bob Stoops was asked Tuesday about his team and the Utah State Aggies coming to Norman this weeked.

"There is a lot of build on, and that leads us to Utah State this week.  They are a team that we recognize that Coach Guy and his staff have done a really good job.  Both games, although they are 0-2, they were leading late in the fourth quarter and end up losing.  You look at a UNLV team where again, they were leading late in the game and end up losing.  UNLV had Wisconsin beat up until the last series of the game last week. We recognize that we have to be on top of our game and continue to build for the season and keep making improvements.

"Offensively, they give you a lot structural adjustments with wide receivers and backs.  They give you multiple formations and a lot of movement, so we have to be very smart defensively to counter that.  Their defense is similar to what Miami does with a 4-3 structure based out of the cover four.  Special teams, they have a great returner in Robinson who is a good player who is a great looking athlete.

" We have to keep making improvements, and I believe through the week we will do that."

With so much attention focused on Sam Bradford, the running backs and the receivers the quality of play from the tight ends may still be under the radar.

"We felt they were great players a year ago.  We are just finding ways to get them the ball.  Again, we feel if you are going to do something to our wide-outs, then we have the opportunity to take advantage of these guys or run.  We are making the defense have to deal with them.  Coach Wilson and the offensive staff are doing a nice job of making those guys compliment what else is going on.  I promise you, I wouldn't change that group for anyone in the country.  They all do a really, really good job."

Player Quotes

"I don't think it is surprising at all.  It is just a matter of us going out there and doing our jobs.  I guess putting up those points is going to surprise people not in our organization, but me no." -Kicker Garrett Hartley on the amount of points the Sooners have scored.
"The whole D-line as a whole has been playing really well right now.  The defensive tackles have been giving pressure in the middle and have been giving the collapse in the pocket.  We've just been playing really well.

"We practice every day and we take it upon ourselves to give our best effort every day at every practice.  We've felt only a little pressure, but pressure is something that comes with football.  It's up to us to have a better season this year.  Last year we didn't have the productivity or the tackles that we wanted mainly due to injuries and other circumstances.  This year is a whole new year and has God blessed us this year and we're just going to make the best of it." - Defensive End John Williams on the play of the defensive tackles.

"I know they like to throw a lot of motion to try to get us out of position, so we will just have to stay focused and play our game." - Safety Lendy Holmes on preperation for Utah State.
"We have an opportunity to be a great team. Right now we're still leaving the points out on the field, but we're doing alright. We could do a lot better but we're pretty good right now.  I know we can be a lot better. There's some stuff we're not picking up right. We need to get the run game going more, so yeah, we can get better." - Tight End Brody Eldridge on how good the Sooner offense could be.