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Big 12 Round Table - Now that we Know!

This week's round table discussion is predicated on the fact that after two games we should all know a little more about our teams and their opponents. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your responses in the comment section below.  

1. Based on what you now know to be your team's strengths and weaknesses - if the game was on the line, do you want your offense or defense on the field?

I'm going with Oklahoma's offense here! We've seen the defense on the field to end games too many times (Texas Tech 05, Oregon and Fiesta Bowl 06). While I have complete confidence in the 07 Sooner defense I'm ready for a change of pace and when we have a quarterback completing 83% of his passes why wouldn't you choose the offense?

2. If you had to pick a team from the AP Top 10 for your team to play this weekend, who would you pick, and why (OU & Texas are not options)?

I would love to see a match up between #4 West Virginia and #3 Oklahoma. The Mountaineers are tremendous on offense with blazing speed at the skill position spots and I would love to see the Sooner defense tested by them.

On the other side of the ball I like the match up that Oklahoma's offense has over West Virginia's defense giving the potential for a shootout.  

3. You can take one player off your team and trade him for any player in the conference who plays the same position - who are you taking?

I'm kicking myself for thinking up this question because now I actually have to answer it. I really can't think of a player that I wouldn't want on the football field. Definitely leave the offense alone if for nothing else for the "if it's not broke don't fix it rule."

Just for argument's sake I'm going to pull Lewis Baker and trade him for Nebraska's Bo Ruud. Not because I don't think that Baker is underachieving (31 tackles in two games is impressive) but because I have to trade someone and I think Ruud is just as good of a fit at the linebacker position and could bring the same level of production.

4. Conference Power Rankings! Rank the teams in the conference from first to worst.

1. Oklahoma - I don't think there is another team in the conference who can make a better argument for the top spot than the Sooners.

2. Nebraska - Saturday's win over Wake Forest was more impressive than Texas' win over TCU.

3. Texas - Great fourth quarter against TCU but if I live in or around the Austin area I'm still a bit concerned.

4. Missouri - The Tigers are a defense away from playing for a conference championship. How long have we been saying that?

5. Kansas - The Jayhawks have been surprisingly impressive on both sides of the ball.

6. Texas Tech - The Red Raider's explosive offense has already bailed out their defense once this season. You have to wonder how many times they'll be able to do it once conference play starts.

7. Texas A&M - The most overrated of the conference's 2-0 teams! People in College Station are just waiting for the bottom to fall out.

8. Colorado - Surprised to see the Buffs so high? So am I but they have the most impressive win of any of the teams below them.

9. Kansas State - This team has a lot of heart and have taken on the character of their coach. You have to wonder how far that will actually take them in conference.

10. Oklahoma State - Still waiting for the Cowboy's level of play on the field to match the level of hype coming from their P.R. department.

11. Baylor - Rumors are that Guy Morris already has his house up for sell but with Iowa State sucking eggs the Bears are almost guaranteed to not finish last in the conference.

5. Big 12 Players of the Week - Make your selections for offensive and defensive players of the week for week two.

I'm totally going with homer picks here!

Offense: Sam Bradford

Defense: Reggie Smith