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Oklahoma's Formula for the BCS Title Game

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Alright Sooner fans listen carefully. While I think that it's still a little early to begin making reservations for New Orleans I also believe you'll be fine to start researching places to stay and eat.

One of the things that became evident after Oklahoma's 51-13 blowout of Miami on Saturday is that the Sooners are officially in the hunt for their 8th national championship trophy.

For OU to land in the Big Easy in January a few things have to happen. First and foremost the Sooners have to take care of their own business and get to San Antonio. Ten games remain on the schedule for Oklahoma including Texas, Missouri, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. In the Big 12 Championship Game OU could be looking at a rematch with Nebraska. The Sooners can't afford to look ahead of any of their games because in the Big 12 you literally can get beat on any weekend.  

The next thing the Sooner need is for numbers to start popping up in the loss column for some of the top ranked teams. There are three teams in particular that we need to see lose - LSU, Florida and USC.

The Gators have road trips to LSU, Georgia and South Carolina. Their defense isn't a good as last year so it is possible that they lose at least one of those games.

USC has to go to Nebraska this weekend and then has road trips to Oregon, California and Arizona State. I believe that the Trojans have the most difficult schedule of any of the teams in the Top 5 and we only need them to slip up once.

If it were not for the Les Miles factor then LSU could actually put it on cruse control. However, because of Miles the Tigers home games against Florida and Arkansas are going to be interesting but don't overlook a November 3rd road trip to Alabama. The Saban/Miles rivalry is in full bloom and while Miles may have a talent advantage Saban is a better coach and will have the home field advantage.

In a perfect world the Gators would lose to LSU in the regular season and then turn around and beat the Tigers in the SEC Championship game while USC falls to Oregon or Cal. That scenario could put the Sooners in the BCS championship game against the West Virginia Mountaineers.