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Quarterbacks Getting Equal Time

As of right now redshirt freshman Sam Bradford, Junior Joey Halzle and freshman Keith Nichol are all getting equal playing time in practice but I expect that to change after Saturday's scrimmage at Owen Field when the three Sooner quarterbacks are unveiled to the public.

Oklahoma's football coaches are going to try to do their best to simulate a game day atmosphere at the scrimmage and unless all three quarterbacks fall on their faces you can expect playing time to increase or decrease depending on their performance as the Sooner coaches need to trim the competition down to two or even better one quarterback. An idea that offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson thinks is a good one.  "I think the sooner that can be done, potentially, the better," he said on Wednesday.

Don't Wait Until Saturday
Thanks to the great people at we don't have to wait until Saturday to get a quick glance of the three potential quarterbacks. They have some video posted from Wednesday's practice of all three of them. Just click on the links below and take a peek at the quarterback's workout from yesterday's practice.

Sam Bradford

Joey Halzle

Keith Nichol

None of them were overly impressive but I thought that Bradford's was the best. I guess we'll see on Saturday.