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More Questions to be Answered About the Sooners (and Longhorns)

I just did an interview with Jason Kent from FanIQ about the 07 Oklahoma Sooners football season. He wanted a Sooners' take on the Texas Longhorns as well and I did my absolute best to accommodate. I realize that you can read my responses below but you'll want to check out the link to provided to see the comments posted at FanIQ and participate in the poll.

As far as the questions go, I want to know how you would answer them. So go ahead and give it a shot. Give us your best!

What gets you most excited for the upcoming football season?
The possibilities! Anything is possible right now and will be until the end of the season. Because I am a Sooner fan I'll use Oklahoma as an example. Last year after the OU/Texas game it appeared that the conference belonged to the Longhorns. Suddenly during the final two weeks of the season Texas collapsed and the Sooners won the conference. Oh, and by the way they won it without their All-American running back and the guy who was supposed to be the starting quarterback.

Norman is obviously a fun place to spend a fall weekend. Map out the ideal Fri, Sat, Sun itinerary. (yes, bars = good) Sorry but I have to pass on this one because I'm not into the bar scene. I'll just tell you that campus corner and O'Connell's are hot spots on game day. For me the perfect Saturday in Norman is meeting up with my friends, walking to the stadium for the game and then hanging out with the same friends afterward to discuss the game.

I know, I know it's not the norm but it works for me.

The biggest concern (in my eyes) for the Sooners is the quarterback situation. Give us the rundown of who you expect to contribute the most this year. (and yes as a Spartan fan I'm still bitter about Nichol) I think there is a very good chance that you'll see the Sooners start the season with two quarterbacks and yes Nichol has a chance to be one of them. However, I believe that the heralded freshman from Michigan is heading for a redshirt.

The quarterback race really is wide open but I expect Sam Bradford to eventually win the job. Oklahoma will also have a powerful running game behind a powerful offensive line and a stable full of talented running backs.  

Who's the one player on the Sooner that you think might be flying under the national radar that will become a major factor in the Sooners success? On offense its DeMarco Murray. The kid is a talent! During Oklahoma's spring game he rushed for over 100 yards on just four carries. I fully expect him to be a starter in the backfield by the time conference play begins.  

On the defensive side of the ball Gerald McCoy will make a name for himself from the tackle position.

Both guys are redshirt freshman and both will need to have successful seasons for Oklahoma to remain on top of the Big 12.

In brief, your prediction for the Longhorns this season ... and the players we need to know? I believe the Longhorns are going to have a good season by the measure of 90% of college football programs in the country but not by their own standards.

Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles and Limas Sweed make up a dangerous trio but unfortunately I think that inexperience along the offensive line and in the defensive secondary will cost them a few games. I look for the Longhorns to finish the regular season around 10-2 possibly 9-3.

What incoming freshman do you have the highest hopes for?
There are three freshmen in camp that I am really excited about - linebacker Austin Box, receiver Ryan Broyals and quarterback Keith Nichol. All three have the potential to do great things before their careers are done at Oklahoma.

Team you fear the most in the Big XII?
I don't know that fear is the right word here because there isn't a team in the conference that I don't think Oklahoma can't beat. That said I believe Texas has the best chance of beating the Sooners of any other team in the conference because they have the potential to match OU talent for talent. Rumor has it that Nebraska is getting close as well.

Most overrated team in the Big XII ... Most underrated?
Most overrated: Nebraska Cornhuskers - I'm just not buying into the Bill Callahan hoopla. As a coach in the NFL he took a Super Bowl team and ran it into the ground and lands at one of the most prestigious college football programs in the country as a reward. He seems to have the Husker faithful divided and can't manage to get out of his own way while coaching from the sideline.

Underrated: Missouri Tigers - I think everyone bought into the Missouri hype a year too early. 2007, not 2006, will be the year they claim the Big 12 North title.  

Word Association: (first word that comes to mind)
DeMarco Murray
- Star
Texas Longhorns - Suck!
Rhett Bomar -- Humbled
Malcom Kelly - Amazing
Bob Stoops - Genius
Oct 6th - 65 - 13
National Champs - 7

Who's your all time favorite Sooner? Wow! What a great, and incredibly tough, question. I would have to say Josh Heupel. The guy was a class act and a winner. You couldn't ask for more from a Sooner quarterback.  

You're a 5-star recruit, you have the choice of any college in the country (besides OU) where are you headed? Tennessee - The SEC is my second favorite conference and I love to hear Rocky Top.

First blogs you read each morning?
My Opinion on Sports, Burt Orange Nation (Keep your friends close and your enemies closer), and all the Big 12 Blogs affiliated with SBN.

One bold prediction (i.e. longshot for conference title, heisman, NC,  etc) for the upcoming season? Hawaii will play in a BCS bowl this year.