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News and Views from Practice

Bearcats coming to Norman
It was announced today that the Sooners have inked a home and home series with the Cincinnati Bearcats. OU will open the 2008 season at home against the Bearcats and then travel to Cincinnati in 2010.

"If we expect Bearcat football to be a national presence and compete in the BCS, we need to play nationally recognized programs," said UC coach Brian Kelly. "This is an opportunity for UC to play at the highest level and host a BCS program in an NFL venue."

Malcolm Kelly isn't the only receiver
Manuel Johnson stepped up his game during the Fiesta Bowl showing that he can be a go to guy. He has brought that same attitude with him to camp this week as he is determined to be a threat this season along side Kelly and Juaquin Iglesias.
"I've taken it upon myself to be more of a threat," Johnson said. "Everybody knows about Malcolm and Juaquin Iglesias. It's my time to step up so I can take some pressure off them."

"Manny has had a heck of a summer," Stoops said. "He's stronger. He's faster. His conditioning is better. He looks really impressive."

The Sooners are already the deepest team in the Big 12 in running back talent. The consistent emergence of Manuel Johnson could return the Sooners to the Mark Clayton, Mark Bradley, Brandon Jones days.

Finley Keeping it Real
I think the Sooner offense has a lot of talent, you think they'll have a lot of talent in fact just about everyone is hyping them as talented and explosive. Almost everyone believes that but not Joe Jon Finley.

"We can't listen to the hype about our offense," said Finley. "Last year, we weren't supposed to be any good and ended up pretty good. It can go the opposite way if you let it."

"(The media says) we're supposed to be good, but they don't see what's going on out here. We've got a lot of work to do."