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Broyles Getting Arrested is Dumb on So Many Levels

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How about the timing of this since I decided to make today the day to have fun at the expense of all the Texas Longhorns arrested over the summer. It always sucks when karma comes back to bite you in the butt. I'll take my crow now!

Ryan Broyles isn't the first person to get arrested for stealing gasoline but he could possibly be the dumbest when you consider everything that he had at stake. Less than 48 hours before he was to take the field in Norman where over 80,000 fans would be watching he decided to pull up to a pump and jack some gas with only one police officer watching.

Broyles has been suspended indefinitely by Bob Stoops and despite being a first time offender his first season, and quite possible his career, at OU may have already ended.

"I take very seriously the conduct of our players and I will not compromise my expectations for anyone associated with our program," Stoops said.

So let's consider the ways this single act of petrol perversion could wind up hurting Broyles career as a Sooner.

First, with OU rebounding from Bomargate where the University's image is in the public spotlight Bob Stoops is taking a no-nonsense approach with discipline. What this means for Broyles is that he could be gone for a very long time if not permanently. The last thing Stoops wants right now is the word "arrested" associated with any of his players.

Second, with the talent level what it is at the receiver and defensive back positions in Norman any time away from the team is going to be detrimental towards climbing back up the depth chart. Broyles suspension could end after a few weeks but we may not see him on the field for long time just because of guys making the most of their opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities it brings me to my third point. Not many hometown kids get to become heroes at the University of Oklahoma. Ryan Broyles was given the opportunity and actually has the talent to do so. Jeopardizing that for a free tank of gas can only be described as stupid.

Finally, attempted theft is the same as theft in the court of public opinion. It actually may be worse because it not only means that you have thuggish potential but that you also weren't even smart enough to get away with it. That perception can stay with a person for a very long time. Needless to say that Broyles next chance could be his last!