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Big 12 Roundtable - The Face of the Team

This week’s round table focuses on the face of the team. Which players should be recognized as the "face of the franchise" and what makes our stadium great. Also, we begin making our weekly picks for the Big XII.

Let me know how your responses would differ from mine!

Pick one current player to be the "Face of the Franchise" for your team. You can only select one player so tell us why you selected the person that you did.

In my mind the two candidates for this season would be Malcolm Kelly or Reggie Smith. Since I have to go with only one I'll take Smith. Not that Kelly isn't qualified but Smith is already being tossed out there as an All-American.

As a corner he has the ability to shut down one side of the field and is powerful enough to deliver the big hits and bring down running backs. He is also phenomenal as a punt returner and could make is mark on offense as well if the coaches decided to do so.

Tell us what makes your team's stadium great, traditions, facilities, etc...

There are several things that make Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium great. Outside of state of the art facilities, foot long corn dogs and some of the best fans in the country the stadium is home to seven national championship teams.

Filled with over 84,000 fans on game days the stadium ranks among the 15 largest on-campus facilities in the nation.

From the championship tradition to it's Heisman history there isn't a better place to be on Saturday's during the fall.

Hypothetical - Your team has to vacate their current stadium and play a game in another Big 12 stadium which one would you pick for them to play in and why?

Assuming that the Sooner Nation would travel to fill the stadium the obvious choice to me would be to the Big 12's other Memorial Stadium located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is big enough to host the "Traveling Sooner Nation," similar in school colors as well as championship history and traditions. The Huskers also have some of the most respected and knowledgeable fans in the conference.

Unthinkable - Take your team's biggest rival's head coach and make a case as to why he would be a good fit on your sideline.

We've actually seen Mack Brown on the Sooner sideline and he did a pretty darn good job as Oklahoma's offensive coordinator. He constructed the offense that won Oklahoma's 6th national championship back in 1985.

Outside of knowing a thing or two about offense Brown is also a heck of a recruiter. It's just expected every spring that the Longhorns are going to load the NFL with talent and then reload themselves with the nation's top recruits.

Prediction Time
Tell us who is going to win:

Baylor @ TCU - TCU
Colorado State @ Colorado - Colorado State  
Kent State @ Iowa State - Iowa State
Central Michigan @ Kansas - Kansas
Kansas State @ Auburn - Auburn
Missouri/Illinois - Missouri
Nevada @ Nebraska - Nebraska
North Texas @ Oklahoma - Oklahoma
Oklahoma State @ Georgia - Georgia
Arkansas State @ Texas - Texas
Montana State @ Texas A&M - A&M
Texas Tech @ SMU - Texas Tech