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Sam the Man

We've speculated for weeks and have been most certain since Saturday but now it is official. Redshirt freshman Sam Bradford has been named Oklahoma's starting quarterback.

"We feel very good about all three of those guys," Bob Stoops said. "All three have made great improvement and contributed a lot to our program.

"We are going with Sam because he earned the position. We expect both Joey and Keith to continue working hard and competing for playing time just like all our players do at every position. There may be an opportunity for them at some point and it will be important for them to be ready."

Rumors were swirling yesterday that Stoops had a sit down meeting with Bradford before practice to let him know that he would be the starter. Apparently it was more than just speculations as Bradford led the first team offense in practice as the Sooners began game preparations.

While Sam Bradford doesn't have the strongest arm among the three quarterbacks who were competing for the job he does bring a ton of athleticism and poise to the table. He just has a knack for making plays and proved that Saturday night. While a driving rain storm left Joey Halzle and Keith Nichol almost ineffective Bradford prospered throwing four touchdowns and no picks.

With the talent that OU has on offense an athletic guy with proven talent making ability that protects the ball is what the Sooners need to be a championship contender.

As far a Nichol goes the Sooner Nation is divided on whether he should be redshirted or not. I say go ahead and slap the redshirt on him and keep him eligible for four more seasons. I realize he has a ton of talent but he doesn't appear to be quite ready to play effectively at this level. His future is ahead of him and it is a bright one at that. For now though this is Bradford's time to shine and Halzle can play back up.  

Unless Bradford gets injured or just falls on his face Nichol shouldn't be on the field this season, at any position. In my humble opinion!