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Sooners a 38 Point Favorite

They are going to change numerous times between now and September 1st but the lines are out for the opening weekend of the college football season. According to the Oklahoma Sooners are a 38 point favorite over North Texas.

I don't want to jump ahead of myself by tipping my hand on the season preview but a question worth discussing is are the Sooners capable of covering a 38 point spread with a new quarterback?

I'm not really into point spreads as much as the next guy but for those of you out there who are here's a look at some of the Big 12 games.

Big 12 School Spread Opponenet
Nebraska -21 Nevada
Missouri -4 Illinoise
Baylor +21 TCU
OSU +9 Georgia
Kansas -8 C. Michigan
Colorado -3.5 Colorado State
Kansas State +13.5 Auburn
Texas -37 Arkansas State
Oklahoma -38 North Texas
Texas Tech -11 SMU