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Top 10 OU Football Moments #8 Sooners Put Bama to Bed

I don't know that you can say that Oklahoma's back was up against the wall but they were as close as you can get. The Sooners were leading Alabama 13-10 with just over 5 minutes left in the third quarter. It was still anyone's game and the Crimson Tide had the momentum going there way.

Then can the play that would help Bob Stoops earn the reputation as a riverboat gambler. Facing 4th and 10 from his own 30 yard line Stoops called a fake put that was executed perfectly with a pass from punter Blake Ferguson to reserve defensive back Michael Thompson.

On the next play Oklahoma would put Alabama to bed with a 47 yard touchdown strike from Jason White to Brandon Jones. White would be on his way to a Heisman Trophy and the Sooners on their way to the Sugar Bowl following the 2003 season.

"It was 4th and 11 and I couldn't believe we were going to run a fake punt. But Coach Stoops drew up a good play. I was really nervous but luckily it worked and it was perfect. I played quarterback in my freshman year in high school but this was my first pass thrown in a game since ninth grade. It was just a shot-put pass right over the line and it worked." - Blake Ferguson
"We practiced it this week.  There was a time earlier in the game when I regretted not calling it but we got another chance.  I feel like in some of these games away from home, you need to make some (play) calls and we had the guts to go for it and it worked." - Bob Stoops
"They are number one for a reason and we found that out tonight. They are extremely well coached and they have great players. We were sloppy early but we came back and made some plays. After a nice drive we held them and then they got the fake punt and that was a big play. It hurt (us)." - Former Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula

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