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The Waste of Life Known as JD Quinn

It's not often that I go off on a particular individual the way that I am about former Oklahoma Sooner offensive lineman JD Quinn, but it's not often that we come across a stupid, pompous, selfish, fool like the one we find in Quinn either.

This guy actually got more money than Rhett Bomar in the Big Red Sports and Imports scandal and unlike Bomar, who was mostly unliked by his teammates, Quinn has shown absolutely no remorse for the scandal and trouble he left in his wake at the University of Oklahoma.

He was actually quoted in a Tulsa newspaper as saying, "All I did was take some cash." No, JD what you did was waste an opportunity of a lifetime, to play football at OU, and then blame everyone else but the real person responsible, which is yourself.

Going from Oklahoma to Montana really is like going from the penthouse to the outhouse and initially I thought that is what put Quinn in such a crappy mood towards the state of Oklahoma, but then again there is the real possibility that he has always been a punk and that is why no one really missed him after he left Oklahoma's football program.

If you want to get to know Quinn's personality a little better just check out the YouTube video below.

I particularly loved the "Get a real job!" comment. Like Quinn would know what a real job is. For all we know he thinks working is punching a time clock and then leaving the place of employment to go do other things, like football practice.

You are a class act JD. Actually lack of class is more appropriate when referring to you. I wish I could say, that now that the NCAA has given their ruling, that your name is never mentioned again on this site but I know that most likely won’t happen. I will however make sure that I never utter your name again. If I have to refer to you, I’ll make sure to use a phrase in which everyone understands who I am referring to, like Idiot.