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That's All The Sooners Get?

It took the NCAA nearly three months to do almost absolutely nothing new to the Sooners. As expected the NCAA didn't "hammer" Oklahoma with stiff penalties like certain fans of universities north and south of Norman were praying for.

The main punishment for "Bomargate" will be an 0-4 season for 2005 as all 8 of Oklahoma's wins have to be vacated. What does that mean? Well, it means that the 8 games the Sooners won that season never happened. It does not mean 8 forfits. Sorry OSU you still have a lengthy losing streak going.

OU's penalties aside from the vacated wins:
  • Two additional years of probation, extended the period through 2010. Expected -Basically the "self-imposed" sanctions the university instituted last August will end at the end of the 2010 academic year instead of after 08 like initially scheduled.
  • The loss of two scholarships through the 2009-10 season. Unexpected - But in a good way. I really expected the loss of scholarships to be three or four but the NCAA decided to keep it at the number set by the University of Oklahoma.
  • A reduction by one of the number of coaches who can recruit off campus. Expected - I'm not for sure if this includes the reduction already in place by the university or if it is in addition to. Regardless it is insignificant. Have you seen the 08 recruiting class? I think we are fine!
  • A public reprimand and censure. Who cares!
  • A disassociation with the dealership manager for five years. Who cares! Forget five years. Brad McRea will never again be accepted back into the Sooner family!

So in the entire scheme of things what does all this mean? Nothing! The 2007 football season is going to happen and the Oklahoma Sooners are going to be Big 12 and national title contenders, and even stronger in 2008. Vacating wins from a bad season doesn't really bother me not losing any additional scholarships delights me. All in all I am extremely happy with the verdict and I am sure the University of Oklahoma is as well.

Here's something to keep watch for. USC you are next on the NCAA's radar. You know if OU had to vacate wins for less than $10,000 then your 04 national championship season is gone. That would leave the Sooners as the top team in the nation that year thus potentially earning us our 8th national championship.

I don't know how you feel about it but I for one am a Sooner fan who would not want to claim that championship. I was at that game in Miami that night and still have nightmares. Championships should be earned on the field and not on paper!