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Judgment Day For The Sooners

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The NCAA has reached a verdict but for now we are left in waiting for an announcement that will come later on this afternoon regarding any further penalties the NCAA may drop on the University of Oklahoma for "Bomargate."

Just a quick recap on what the University has already done in the way of self-imposed penalties. Starting quarterback Rhett Bomar and offensive lineman JD Quinn were dismissed from the team and their scholarships were not filled thus subsequently reducing their number of scholarships. OU also formally disassociated themselves from Big Red Sports and Imports general manager Brad McRea and prohibited athletes from working at the auto dealership through the 2008-2009 school year. The Sooners also reduced the number of football coaches allowed to recruit off campus through next fall.

What Oklahoma has to their advantage is the fact that they are the ones who reported the infractions to the NCAA. They also took the initiative by dismissing, not just suspending, the players from the team and consequently reducing their scholarships. The infractions committee could look at the self-imposed penalties and say that they have done enough but I wouldn't bet on it.

What is most likely to happen is the reduction of scholarships for around a two year period. The worst case scenerio for the Sooners would be probation from television games or post season play although I think that is unlikely because the NCAA stands to lose a lot of money under that scenerio.

I guess we'll know for sure this afternoon and you can rest assure that we'll be here with our opinion good or bad.  

Announcement coming at 2:00pm