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The Low Down on Ryan Wright

It took a little while for us to get around to it but we were able to get with Bruins Nation for a few quick notes and quotes on Ryan Wright who recently transferred to Oklahoma from UCLA.

Tell us a little about Ryan's basketball potential and your thoughts about his transfer.

Bruins Nation: We like Ryan a lot. He came in as a pretty hyped recruit two years ago from Canada. And IMHO he did show the flashes of his potential here and there. But he still wasn't able to consistently assert himself in our crowded roster. He was probably not going to see a lot of action next year with UCLA having one of the deepest and most talented front court in the country with freshman Kevin Love, junior Luc Richard M'Bah a Moute, Senior Lorenzo Mata, Junior Alfredo Aboya, and Soph. James Keefe. We thought it would have been good for him to redshirt next year and perhaps fight for playing time the year after. However, Ryan wanted to make contributions immediately.

We didn't really do a post on Wright leaving. We basically linked to the story which was posted on Bruin Basketball Report

What kind of person can we expect Ryan to be?

Bruins Nation: From what we have heard he is just a wonderful kid, a great guy to be around, and a very good team player. I think if he develops better handle of the ball around the rim, he could develop into a meaningful contributor.

Any Final Thoughts?

Bruins Nation: I think you guys are getting a very good kid. Again I wish he redshirted and stayed at UCLA. But can't blame a kid for wanting to become a major contributor to a program right away. We wish him and the Sooners nothing but luck.

Obviously it's going to be a while before we see Ryan Wright on the floor because he has to set out a year for transferring but it sounds like OU is getting a talented kid with solid character. Big thanks to Bruins Nation for the input!