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Weiberg Steps Down - Knight Looking for New Puppet

Big 12 Commissioner Kevin Weiberg is stepping down to become vice president of the Big Ten's new television network in a move that leaves some perplexed but no one short of Bobby Knight saddened. While Weiberg was instrumental in increasing revenue for all twelve conference schools let's not give him too much credit. National championships and frequent BCS bowl appearances by Oklahoma and Texas gave Weiberg the needed leverage to broker a deal that many thought could have actually been better.

Sooner fans (and behind closed doors Sooner officials) had little if any respect for Weiberg because of his inability to take any action for obviously blown calls by replay officials when OU played Texas Tech in 2005 or failing to step up for the university after the Oregon debacle last season.

He'll most likely be remembered for his physical trembling fear Bobby Knight and for cowering to the General's every demand while refusing to discipline Knight for inappropriate actions.  

It was widely speculated that many of the conference's athletic directors and coaches had serious issues with the way Weiberg dealt with Knight or actually allowed Knight to deal with him and for the way he represented the conference. When the inmates run the asylum the warden loses respect and the fact that Weiberg is stepping down from a power conference to take what seems to be a lesser position shows me that the pressure was on.

I'm sure I represent the majority of Sooner fans when I say goodbye Kevin and good riddance.  

As far as a replacement for Weiberg goes OU fans need to hold their breath because there may not be a better candidate out there than Sooner AD Joe Castiglione. That's something that has to be driving Bobby Knight crazy because Castiglione isn't a pushover.

Personally I would like to nominate Texas Athletic Director Deloss Dodds for the position. Not only do I think he would be great for the conference, like Castiglione, but it would also cripple the Evil Empire.