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Bedlam Excuses Post

Thanks to this weekend's Bedlam sweep by Oklahoma State the Sooners have now lost six consecutive regular season conference games to the Cowboys. Watching OU give games away this weekend made me have two thoughts. How in the world was this Sooner baseball team ever ranked and what kind of excuse is there for losing to an instate rival in the manner that the Sooners did over the weekend.

I decided to stay with the second thought for a while and as I was watching the Sooners commit error after error I somehow was reminded of Oklahoma State football and the endless excuses that are offered up season after season when they lose to Oklahoma.

So here's what I decided to do. Take the Cowboys justification for losing to Oklahoma in football and apply it to the Sooners shortcomings in the baseball diamond. Hey, I've got to find some way to smile during this nosedive known as Sooner baseball. See if you recognize any of these...

Wait until (insert sport here) season. You know we own you in that sport.

Our coach is only in his second season. He's putting together one of the best recruiting classes ever and then we will dominate the Big 12.

With all of our young talent we could have the most dangerous offense in the nation next season.

We've won two of the last nine meetings between the two teams including last year's 21-6 spanking in the Big 12 Tournament so you know that the tide is turning.

We've won (insert number) championships in (insert sport) during my lifetime. How many do you guys have?