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Magic Carpet Ride Ends for Sooners

I'll be honest. When I saw OU's draw for the Big 12 tournament I thought at best they would come away with a 1-2 record in pool play. So after Wednesday's win over Missouri and then the miracle over OSU Friday night I was ecstatic about the possibility of beating Baylor on Saturday and then playing for the conference championship on Sunday.

From early on in the game it was obvious that OU would need some help in the form of sloppy play and just blind luck to have a shot a getting past the Bears. That's exactly what they got but it wasn't enough.

After Baylor built a 7-0 lead OU rallied back by clutch hitting off poor relief hitting to get within a run at 7-6. However with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th the Sooners couldn't capitalize and fell short.

The question now is did OU do enough to earn a birth in the NCAA tournament? I'm not sure that they did but yet I'm not convinced that they didn't either. What I do know is that if they find their way into the tournament then they are going to have to do more than just get lucky in order to advance.