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How Long Has the North Been Rising?

I recently read the "What we know, what we don't" article about the Big 12 on in which they make the insinuation that the champion of the North might actually win the conference title this year.

Alright, let's rationally talk about this. First, the notion that it's a given the Huskers are going to win the North is a little premature. Why? Good question and it's a simple two word answer, Missouri Tigers. Mizzou returns almost everyone from last season's offense. The thought of them being a year more experienced and improved should be scary but when you look at Nebraska's declining situation on defense it should be down right frightening.

Whether it's Nebraska or Missouri it really shouldn't matter unless Oklahoma and Texas are leaving the conference. The notion that the North is rising has long been rumored but yet to be seen. Missouri and Nebraska may have championship caliber offenses but their weak defenses make it a wash, Kansas State is still at least one season away, Kansas may never get it going, Iowa State is...well...Iowa State and Colorado isn't even worth the mention.

The Big 12 Championship will most likely be won October 6th at the Cotton Bowl with the winner of the OU/Texas game. That is unless the winner folds like a $20.00 suit during the final two regular season games.