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Longhorns Sell Out Football Team for the Band

Possessing the "tunnel end" of the Cotton Bowl was so important to the Texas Longhorns that they insisted that they should get dibs on it when they are the home team during their latest round of negotiating with OU and the city of Dallas. Stating that their players suffered mental anguish and verbal abuse by walking up and down the tunnel into the heart of the Sooner Nation on game day was too much to endure year after year.

So what does Texas do when they gain the "Promised Land"? They give it back to Oklahoma! Apparently they would rather see the giant replay screen and not risk having their band members sitting up in the stands than avoid the big mental advantage that OU has by being able to yell directly at UT players and occasionally drop a cup of beer or other debris was on the players' heads causing Mack Brown and crew voice their displeasure and call for a change.

I guess when it comes to the pecking order at Texas Mack Brown is somewhere below the band director and television watchers.