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Quinn and Bomar Just Won't Go Away

Rhett Bomar will appear on ESPN's Outside the Lines this afternoon but not as the show's focus. Bomar will be featured in a segment in which Joe Schad interviews him in Huntsville, TX about attempting to resurrect his career at Sam Houston State University.

Don't expect any new revelations during the segment regarding Bomar's days in Norman. In fact expect Bomar to show the same kind of brashness and arrogance that caused to make the decisions that resulted in him getting booted.

Hey Rhett, a wide receiver did a better job at playing quarterback than you did!

Bomar's buddy in the Big Red Sports and Imports scam, JD Quinn, was quoted in the Tulsa world this morning that he was unfairly kicked off the team because all he did "was take cash." He then went on to accuse other players on the team of doing much worse.

"All I did was take cash," Quinn said. "I didn't break any laws and I get kicked off the team, but there's people on the team that are breaking laws and failing drug tests and stuff like that, and there's nobody getting kicked off the team for that type of stuff."

Quinn wouldn't give any specific details as to what he was talking about and then would later backtrack saying that he wasn't talking specifically about OU but college football as a whole.

"I said that, but I wasn't really regarding as much about Oklahoma. I was just saying around the country. I wasn't saying it in the context of Oklahoma. There's just people I've heard of doing things."

Bob Stoops wouldn't comment on Quinn's quotes but I will. The Oklahoma offensive line is being tabbed as one of the best in the nation because they are not only talented but they also have a team mindset. Basically I am saying that they were a better team last year without these two losers and they will continue to move on with them being nothing more than an afterthought.

JD I hope you enjoy your time in Montana because you could have been a part of something special. Instead you decided to become a nobody on a nobody team.