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Who Do We Cheer For?

Sooner fans had a good time watching the Chicago Bears rise above the rest of the NFC on their way to the Super Bowl last season. The more success the Bears have equals more success for the Sooner Nation because Mark Bradley, Dusty Dvoracek, JD Runnels and Tommie Harris all dot the roster.

The favorite NFL teams among Sooner fans have been the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens because of their collection of OU talent. It's been a healthy relationship so far because both teams play in separate conferences but now, thanks to this year's draft, OU fans are facing a new conundrum.

With the Minnesota Vikings selecting Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander over the weekend we'll now be faced with the question, "Who do we cheer for?" twice a year as the Vikings and Bears square off in division play.

I don't even know where to begin to try and decide which team I would select. Maybe the easiest way would be to just cheer for the home team. I really don't know! Here's what I do know. I'm totally geeked to see Tommie Harris try to tackle Adrian Peterson or Rufus catching Mark Bradley coming on an inside slant. The NFC North, now known as the NFC Sooner, just became a lot more fun to watch!