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Reynolds Injury Worse that Initially Thought

OU linebacker Ryan Reynolds will undergo surgery today to repair a severely torn lateral collateral ligament in his right knee. The injury was initially thought to be a partially torn LCL resulting in a 4-6 week setback for Reynolds. Now the sooner linebacker is looking at a best case scenario of four to five months.

The actual length of his recovery won't be until after the surgery when doctors have the opportunity to see first hand what the damage is but regardless, barring another major setback, Reynolds should be ready to go come game time September 1.

Madu's Spring May Be Over
Running back Mossis Madu suffered the dreaded high ankle sprain on his left ankle in Monday's practice and could be done for the rest of the spring. Overshadowed a bit by the play of DeMarco Murray, Madu has had a solid spring as well.