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AD & Nike

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Nike is shelling out some big bucks for their rookie class of 07 that includes the likes of Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson, Gaines Adams, Amobi Okoye, Marshawn Lynch, Leon Hall and Greg Olsen.

Their marketing strategy is quality and aggressive, as per Nike standards, with plenty of videos, photos and bios which made the following comment from their press release a glaring error in my opinion.

Adrian Peterson finished his career with 4,045 yards along with 42 touchdowns. During his four years, Peterson was named to the All-American team as well as rushing for nearly 2,000 yards during his freshman season.

Peterson's stats are impressive but the thing that makes them more so is that he did it in three years not four. I don't understand how a corporation like Nike could make such a mistake on an athlete with the prestige of Adrian Peterson. Maybe it's not a big deal to anyone else other than me.

Anyway here are a few samples of Nike's marketing with AD. Also their interactive site introducing the 07 Rookie Class is worth a look as well.