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OU/Texas Will Stay at the Cotton Bowl

Apparently the renovations under way at the Cotton Bowl are significant enough to keep the Oklahoma/Texas football series at least through the next nine seasons.

Dallas Mayor Laura Miller will announce Friday morning that the OU/Texas game will remain at the Cotton Bowl, during the State Fair, through 2015. Officials said the contract extension was a direct result of renovations now underway at the aging stadium.

"It is a direct result of our willingness to spend the money to invest in the Cotton Bowl," another official said. "This contract wouldn't have happened without it."

Both Oklahoma and Texas will receive "a boost in financial incentives" from this contract extension but the main issue has been the renovations to a stadium that was quickly becoming run down and out dated.

I'm a guy who loves this game where it is. I enjoy walking the State Fair with pride after a Sooner victory and I even take the "walk of shame" out of the stadium with a smile on my face after an OU loss because that is simply the tradition of one of the greatest rivalries in all of college football at what I believe to be the greatest location in the world for the game.

However, what I don't like are overflowing bathrooms, cramped seats and the inability to adequately see a replay. The Cotton Bowl will always be in the shadow of the Dallas Cowboys new facility but once those things previously mentioned are fixed (they are currently in the process) the only things OU or Texas fans should be able to complain about are coaching decisions and officiating.