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Chris Foster Fails at Attempted Humor

You know the whole not throwing stones in glass houses saying? Well, there's a reason why it's out there. It's for people like Chris Foster of the LA Times who apparently aspires to become a writer for the Tonight Show but seems more qualified for Hannah Montana.

In his "Morning Briefing" column on Saturday Foster tried to shed a humorous light on the OU scandal and Saturday's date with the NCAA Infractions Committee. The problem is that he ignores some of the facts of the situation in an attempt to laugh at the rumors.

The NCAA has no desire to hear from Logan Brosky but for some reason the Dallas Morning News and guys like Chris Foster want to take his word as Gospel. Why did Foster ignore the fact that Hardison's other roommate Remi Ayodele denied that Hardison did such a thing or the fact that Brosky was out of sorts with both Hardison and Ayodele? Perhaps the answer is that it would have stolen his punch line and we all know that is what real journalism is based on.

There is plenty to make fun of in this story, most notably the comments from Brad McRae and JD Quinn, and Foster does bring some of that out in his column but it should have been the main focus of the column and not just a side note.

Besides that if Foster is looking for something to laugh at then he need not look beyond his own city and the University of Shared Cash. There's plenty to make light of about free houses, broken deals with agents and taped conversations. The possibility of a second Hiesman Trophy winner from the same school parting with said trophy is great. However the irony that one might lose it because he made himself ineligible by making more money at USC than the NFL minimum and the other selling his to pay he needed the cash to pay his legal fees from his double murder trial is even better.

I guess that kind of stuff is small beans compared to three players getting a few thousand dollars under the table. I would much rather be in OU's shoes than USC's at this point and Chris Foster would apparently disagree. Now to me that is funny!