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Cowboys Stealing the Show in OKC

After suffering through two miserable blow-outs during the afternoon session of the Big 12 quarterfinals fans were finally treated to some good basketball in the evening session. Both games provided more excitement and intensity than an Bobby Knight interview after a Texas Tech loss.

Most notable was Oklahoma State's 57-56 upset win over #7 Texas A&M. The win moved the Cowboys up on the NCAA bubble and also sparked an Orange & Black invasion to Oklahoma City as the Pokes' fans are once again on the bandwagon.

In the nightcap Baylor tried their best to out do Oklahoma State by building a 20 point lead on the Texas Longhorns but alas Baylor is Baylor and Texas is well, Kevin Durant. Longhorns survive 74-69 setting up the third game between themselves and OSU. To this point in the season these two teams have played four halves and three overtimes against each other. How can you not be excited about that?

In honor of this monumental achievement by our in-state rivals we want to offer this up as a peace offering as you face off against out most hated rivals. Dang, who are we supposed to cheer for?

On a side note, anyone watched the Texas/Baylor game last night and still thinks the Longhorns are anything above an average team without Kevin Durant is out of their mind. However, anyone who watched that game and doesn't recognize that Durant is a freakish chest pounding beast of a man playing among boys is out of their mind as well. I'll say it again. Texas will only make it as far as Durant can carry them which will be a long, long way.

Friday's Big 12 Tournament Recap
Oklahoma 47 - Kansas 64
Kansas State 66 - Texas Tech 45
Oklahoma State 57 - Texas A&M 56
Texas 74 - Baylor 69

Saturday's Schedule
1:00 - Kansas/Kansas State
3:20 - Texas/Oklahoma State