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Who's In and Who's Out

This is the final weekend of Big 12 regular season conference play before the tournament that begins exactly a week from today. In my opinion there are four teams who a lock for the NCAA and two others who are sitting on the top of bubble.

NCAA Tournament Bound

13-2, 26-4 - After a scare in Norman on Monday night the Jayhawks are now poised for a showdown with Texas for the conference championship and the #1 seed in Oklahoma City next week.
12-3, 22-7 - Texas has won six in a row and could be peaking at just the right time..
12-3, 24-5 - Tough loss for the Aggies Wednesday night in Austin. It removes them from contention for the conference championship. Don't count them out for making a run in Oklahoma City though.
9-6, 20-10 - The Wildcats really aren't the fourth best team in the conference but they will have a winning conference record and have reached the 20 win mark which should make them a lock.

On the NCAA Bubble

8-7, 19-11 - Simple formula for the Red Raiders. Win Saturday at Iowa State and they are in.
6-8, 20-9 - OSU still has their work cut out for them. No team has ever made it from the Big 12 with an .500 or below record so the Cowboys must go run their final two and go deep in the tournament to get an invitation.

NIT Bound

7-8, 18-10 - The Tigers still have hope for an NCAA bid but they need to upset Texas A&M on Saturday and go deep in the conference tournament to keep that hope alive.
6-9, 15-13 - Kansas State is a must win for the Sooners on Saturday and so is a first round win in the conference tournament. If those things don't happen then it would end the season for OU.
(5-9, 16-12) Huge win over Missouri followed by a devastating loss to Iowa State Wednesday. The Huskers have two more opportunities plus the tournament to impress the NIT.
6-9, 15-14 - If the Cyclones lose to Texas Tech on Saturday it would be a crushing blow to their post-season aspirations.

Building for Next Year

(3-12, 13-15) Mario Boggan gave the Bears a gift by getting suspended for OSU's trip to Waco. Now Baylor has a chance to end their season by spoiling someone's NCAA tournament hopes.
2-13, 6-19 - Has Ricardo Patton sold his house yet?