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Last year's Bedlam game in Norman ended in controversy and confusion. The next day the message boards were full of whining about uncalled traveling and poorly called fouls. None of that happened last night as the Sooners dominated most of the game in an on the court exhibition that the two teams are heading in opposite directions.

Another thing that became evident is that the Sooners could have the better of the first year coaches in the Big 12 Conference. Jeff Capel's team has improved over the course of the season while Sean Sutton's has progressively gotten worse. Blame it on what you want but truth is truth.

Here are two more things to ponder. First, is it time to start talking about Nate Carter as a First Team All-Conference selection. Here's a look at his line from last night. 9 rebounds, 18 points, 4 assists and 3 steals. The kid is on a straight up mission in conference play and you would have to argue really convincingly that he isn't one of the league's top 5 players. Secondly, is it time to start throwing Jeff Capel's name out there for coach of the year? Who has done more with less this season? Looks Joe C. made another excellent choice in the hiring of a coach.

It's also time to start thinking post-season. The Sooners are now officially on the NCAA bubble but they are going to have to pick up some road wins and win two of their final three home games. If not its NIT time!