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The Rise of the North?

For all the grief we have given the Big 12 North over their inability to field a quality football effort against the teams from the South they seem to be making up for it in basketball. In the last four days the Colorado Buffaloes beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys 89-77, the Kansas State Wildcats beat the Texas Longhorns 73-72 and the Nebraska Cornhuskers beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders 61-59.

Only the Oklahoma State loss was on the road lending even more credit to the validity that the North is rising to power in Big 12 basketball, or are they? Here's what is most baffling. The South still owns the top spot in the conference thanks to Texas A&M's win over Kansas Saturday night in Lawrence, preventing a North sweep.

Not only is the South in possession of the top spot in conference but of the seven teams with a .500 or better record in conference five of them are from the South. Only Kansas and Kansas State have .500 or better conference records (both at 6-2) from the North with the next possibility being Iowa State (3-5).

So the question is did the North flex some muscle and begin to rise or is the South just having a bad week? Time will tell.