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OU 75 - Texas Tech 61

Class and Courage

Classless Coward

First of all let me put out my confession. Because I am working in Jacksonville, Florida this week I didn't get to see the game and it's killing me. I followed most of the second half on the internet as well as the updates here on the Machine.

Bob and Pat Knight wanted to make this game about Longar Longar and it absolutely was but not for the reason the Knights wanted it to be. Longar dominated Tech with the most impressive Big 12 performance of his career. His line was 19 points, 14 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 assist and 2 blocks.

Longar's motivation was brought into question after the game by the classless Knights. Here's what Pat had to say about Oklahoma's performance after the game, "I hope they're not using putting a kid in the hospital with reconstructive facial surgery, out for the season, as motivation." Why? Why bring that up? Why not just come out and say this kid played a great game and I a little disappointed in our team for allowing him to do so. We obviously had no answer for their inside game tonight?

Instead let's Pat tried to throw Longar under the bus once again for an accident that happened almost a month ago. It should not have been brought up once let alone twice in the same conference but I guess when it comes to Pat Knight the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. "One hand you've got a two-game suspension, the other hand you've got reconstructive facial surgery and out for the season," Pat added.

The reason why Pat was the one doing the talking is because after pouting his way off the court Knight skipped out on the press conference because he wasn't man enough to face the music after telling the world how he felt about Longar only to have him come back and post a career. At least Bob didn't totally ignore Jeff Capel like Pat did.

Give the Sooners credit for coming out business like and taking care of the Red Raiders despite the freak show like circus that comes with playing Tech. OU's offense was efficient enough to counter a terrific performance by Jarruis Jackson and the Sooners coaching staff out coached Knight and company.

Nate Carter was again the star and very well could be the league's second best player at this point. Carter led the Sooners in scoring with 24 points. Michael Neal joined Carter and Longar in double figures with 18.