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Kansas 67/OU 65

Taylor Griffin's 12 points and 7 rebounds helped
spark OU's rally that fell two points short of upsetting Kansas

I've waited all season to experience what I did last night with the OU/Kansas game. To me it was the most impressive performance of the season for an Oklahoma team that has lived with the "Never Say Die!" motto from day one. Not only did the Sooners out play the #3 team in the country for the entire second half the crowd actually got behind the team and became a factor. Sure they were loud against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State but they were a difference maker last night and almost propelled the Sooners to their biggest win of the season.

OU basketball is in good hands and the future is bright under Jeff Capel. Sophomore Taylor Griffin (12 points, 3 blocks, 7 rebounds) and freshman Bobby Maze (6 points, 3 assists and 3 rebounds) showed that the cupboard won't be bare without departed seniors Michael Neal and Nate Carter next season.

This team is young and developing in talent. Longar Longar must become more consistent underneath the basket and the Sooners need to develop a pure shooter as a scoring threat. Austin Johnson, Bobby Maze and Keith Clark all have the potential to be scorers and OU's recruiting class headed by McDonald's All-American Blake Griffin and very possibly Jai Lucas the Calvary is on the way.

The question now is did OU show enough on national television last night to receive an invite to the NIT? As much as I hate to I have to say no. I do not believe that the Sooners are a lock for the NIT. In my opinion OU must win Saturday against Kansas State and their Thursday game of the Big 12 Tournament to be considered a lock.