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Kansas Jayhawks Q&A

In preparation for tonight's Big Monday match-up between OU and Kansas we checked in with Cory from Rock Chalk Talk about the state of Kansas basketball.

Thanks for answering out questions Cory and Welcome to the Machine!

Bill Self seems to live in a love/hate relationship with the Kansas fans. How do you guys feel about the job he is doing in Lawrence?

I think Self is doing a fine job. I have heard some Jayhawk fans say that due to Self's lack of success in Tournament play, another early trip home from March Madness might force Self to be fired. I don't think he is in that situation right now, but eventually he has to get past the first round to feel secure about his job.

The Jayhawks have won six in a row since the A&M loss. Is it a result of scheduling (Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa State make up four of the wins) or is Kansas hitting their peak right now?

I think a combination of both. We are playing the most consistent basketball we have all season but I'm sure part of that is because we have played some of the weaker teams in the Big 12. Last year we peaked about this time too and that didn't cope well for March, so hopefully we can continue our improvement past February this year.

Is Julian Wright the undisputed leader of this team?

I would have to say absolutely not to that. Julian Wright isn't the leader, and while a clear cut leader on this team is hard to find I would have to say it would be either Mario Chalmers or Russell Robinson. Robinson is the "glue guy" of this team and while he probably won't play tomorrow night, he has the most leadership of anyone on our team. Brandon Rush has the capabilities to take over as the leader of this team, but he seems to have too quiet of a demeanor to have a whole locker room follow his lead.

With a game against Texas coming up at home on Saturday is there any chance the Jayhawks overlook the Sooners tonight?

I don't think that is too likely. We haven't overlooked a team in Big 12 play and Oklahoma is one of the better teams we've played recently. The last time we made a visit to Norman we lost so we will likely have some revenge to take care of tonight.

Give us a score prediction. Can the Sooners keep it under 20?

I think it will be a good game, a lot like the game last Big Monday against Kansas State for us. I'll say Kansas 78 Oklahoma 65.

Thanks again for your time Cory. We certainly hope that Kansas shows some mercy tonight!