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Hatred Spills Over

Anyone who knows anything knows that OU and Texas share no love in anything and pure hatred in everything. This dynamic allows best friends to become worse enemies the first weekend in October every year and it creates the perfect amount of tension for visiting teams to receive more than their fair share of taunting in Norman and Austin. But that hatred is supposed to be between the fans that would rather swallow their own tongue than slide a compliment to the other state. It's supposed to be bulletin board material that gives players extra motivation to not be on the losing side of this rivalry. Its only supposed to make the banter between the athletes in competition more heated but its not supposed to turn into a post game tunnel fight.

Reports are sketchy and time will surely tell the full story on this one but there was a post game altercation between Bobby Maze and A.J. Abrams. Words were said, punches were thrown and the two players had to be separated. Honestly all I have to go by on this are two phone calls from very reliable sources and a message board thread that confirmed the information that I received in the phone calls.

Who knows what, if anything, will come of this but with Maze being a freshman and Abrams a sophomore there could be serious tension between these two for the next two seasons. It also would add a lot more drama if the two teams were to face off in the Big 12 Tournament in Oklahoma City just two weeks from now.

As for the actual fight who knows what the cause was. You had two bitter rivals playing an intensely ugly and physical basketball game in which the officials had absolutely no control over. There is no telling what was said or done on or off the floor.

The Daily Oklahoman is now confirming the incident naming Tony Crocker, Bobby Maze and Justin Mason as the players involved.

Mason denies being involved or even knowing what happened. Could it be because it was Abrams involved instead?