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Who's in and Who's Out

Its time once again for our weekly look at where we think the Big 12 basketball teams are going to wind up in the post season. There are some noticeable changes this week with Oklahoma State dropping down to the NCAA bubble and Iowa State barely moving up to the NIT level.

NCAA Tournament Bound

11-2, 24-4 - The Jayhawks are hitting their stride and seem to be poised for a post season run.
11-2, 23-4 - The Aggies are the real deal and along with Kansas have separated themselves from the rest of the league.
10-3, 20-7 - Youth has been served in Austin this season but for the Longorns to run deep in the tournament they will have to rely on more than just Kevin Durant.
8-5, 19-9 - The Wildcats suffered a setback against Kansas but are still in good shape for the big dance. Colorado, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma round out KSU's schedule giving them a great opportunity to eclipse that 20 win mark.

On the NCAA Bubble

5-7, 19-8 - It may just be me but it is extremely difficult to imagine that this team was at one point ranked #9 in the country. They are playing now like a team with no chemistry.
6-7, 17-11 - The Red Raiders have been able to sweep the Aggies and beat the Kansas Jayhawks but have struggled with everyone else. Their 29 point loss to the Longhorns was very, very ugly.

NIT Bound

6-7, 17-9 - The resurgent Tigers (winners in 4 of their last 5) could be making a move to be noticed by the NCAA selection committee.
6-7, 15-11 - Once thought to be a lock for the post season the Sooners hopes are very much in jeopardy. OU's current three game losing steak looks to increase with Texas and Kansas coming up on Saturday afternoon and Monday night.
(4-8, 15-11)Last night's loss to Baylor was heart breaking but if the Huskers can pull off two wins in their final four games (3 of 4 are at home) then we'll see the Huskers in the post season.
5-8, 14-13 - The Cyclones are still alive for a post season birth but at this point you would have to say that they are on life support. They must keep their overall record above .500 to keep their chances.

Building for Next Year

(3-10, 13-13) Last night's win over Nebraska evened the Bears record to .500 but a trip to College Station to face the Aggies will knock them back down to a losing record.
2-11, 6-17 - Hang in thete Buffs fans. The end is near!