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Full Fledged Funk!

Missouri 72 - OU 68

Things are turning bad for Oklahoma basketball and could still actually get worse. The Sooners have suffered three consecutive losses in a row and regardless of how slim the margin a loss is a loss.

With even an NIT invitation in jeopardy at this point you have to start looking at the little things that you could have done to save a close game. Here are a few examples from last night's loss to Missouri.

*    9-16 Free Throw Shooting. When you lose by four points seven missed free throws are huge.
*    Points in the paint - OU 14, Missouri 38
*    Fast Break Points - OU 0, Missouri 6
*    Bench Points - OU 14, Missouri 22

We have often discussed the struggles that the Sooners have faced when it comes to scoring this season but on the other hand have applauded their defense, rebounding, and free throw shooting. Now those seem to be fading as well late in the season.

I'm being critical but it is in a constructive way. This is a team that has the ability to play with most other teams in the conference but they lack the consistency to beat them. The good news is that we have a brighter future to look forward to because the OU basketball program will only get better under Jeff Capel.