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Who's In and Who's Out

NCAA Tournament Bound

9-2, 22-4 - The Jayhawks could be peaking at the right moment. You know they are salivating for a rematch against Texas A&M in the conference tournament.
9-2, 21-4 - Had it not been for their loss to Texas Tech Tuesday night then the Aggies would be at the top of my list here. Non-the-less I would still put them a 1B.
8-3, 18-7 - Would the real Texas Longhorns please stand up. When they play like a maturr basketball team they almost seem unstoppable but when they don't they lose to Kansas State. The Longhorns are a lock for the tournament but not for a top 5 seed.
5-5, 19-6 - The Cowboys were once a lock, and probably still are, but they are fading quickly. Not being able to win, or even be competitive in some cases, could mean one and done.
7-4, 18-8 - The Wildcats are in right now and only have to win 2 of their last five to stay in.

On the NCAA Bubble

5-6, 16-10 - A five game losing streak put the Red Raiders on the bubble. Wins over Kansas and Texas A&M keeps them on the top side.

NIT Bound

6-5, 15-9 - Losing to Iowa State put the Sooners NCAA hopes in serious jeopardy but OU is still on course for the NIT.
(4-6, 15-9)The Huskers, winning three of their last five, are making a serious push to be in the post season.
4-7, 15-9 - The Tigers could be fading and need about three more wins to get a post season invite.

Building for Next Year

4-7, 13-12 - Once left for dead the cyclones showed some life Tuesday night when they knocked off Oklahoma on their home floor. They'll need a few more duplicate performances if they want to play beyond the conference tournament.
(2-9, 12-12) There is still life in WACO. Not much though.
2-9, 5-15 - Exactly how did these guys beat Oklahoma State?