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ISU 58 - OU 51

As much as I would like to say that the Sooners put up a valiant effort last night I just can't. As much as I would like to commend Longar Longar for taking over in the second half by scoring 20 points I won't. As much as I want to express that these guys showed a mental toughness last night that will build character and eventually make this team better, I just can't bring myself to doing it. Here's why, 38.5% shooting from the floor including 13.3% from beyond the three point line, 16 turnovers and most shocking Nate Carter's 2 points.

Get ready Oklahoma because the Sooners could finish the regular season 0-5 with the schedule they have coming up (Texas A&M, Texas and Kansas at home, Missouri and Kansas State on the road). Oklahoma basketball took a step backwards last night in Ames. This wasn't the team that we had been seeing over the past month that won 6 of 8 games. This was the team that we saw in December that could only beat lower tear Division I teams. They couldn't shoot, couldn't dribble, couldn't pass and couldn't catch the ball. If that trend doesn't reverse back quickly then it will be a frustrating finish to the season for OU and their fans.

What is most frustrating Sooners had an opportunity last night to lock up a berth in the post season. Had they won that game they would have been a shoe in for the NIT and would also have been at the top of the NCAA bubble. With a win everything would have still been a possibility. With the loss now everything is in limbo.