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Crimson and Cream Machine Goes Live!

(This post will remain at the top of the website for a while as an announcement. To view the most recent post please scroll down)

Thanks to the World Wide Web any idiot can host their own online radio show. That's where I come in! As I have mentioned, several times before, the great thing about this site is that it is driven by Oklahoma Sooner fans. You have free reign to comment on any of our posts and if we're not talking about what you want to hear you can even post your own news, articles and opinions in the diaries section. All you have to do to participate is sign up for a free account.

Now we're taking it a step further. I'm teaming up with Matt from the OU blog The Sooner Schooner to create a live show on On it we're going to talk all things Sooner. We'll preview opponents, provide post game analysis and, of course, talk about what you want to hear.

That's where you come in! We need to know what you want to hear. Leave us your questions and suggested topics in the comments section below and we'll talk about them on the show. You could also e-mail them to or you could just call into the show.

Our first show will broadcast Thursday night December 13 at 9:30pm and will air each Thursday night following. Your key to listening and participating is the widget on the left sidebar. The widget will automatically stream this live broadcast when the show is on the air. When it's off the air, you can select previous broadcasts to listen to.

This is another way for us to connect to you the fan. We realize how important you are to our sites and that without you our work is completely worthless. ESPN may have Mike and Mike but now its time for the debut of Matt and Matt! While they are polished, unbiased and professional we promise to be nothing more than fans who see the world through Crimson and Cream glasses. Hope you join us!