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Taking a Quick Peek at the West Virginia Offense

West Virginia runs a spread attack but unlike Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Missouri the Mountaineers are a run first team. WVU's attack will feature two guys with Heisman talent, quarterback Patrick White and running back Steve Slaton. Both guys have blinding speed and are the key components of West Virginia's offense.

Some teams don't take too kindly to being called one dimensional and others try to disguise the fact that they are but West Virginia broadcasts what they are going to do and then they go out and do it. The Mountaineers average 38.9 points a game and 450.5 yards of offense. They'll throw for just over 150 yards per game while running for nearly 300.

Name Rushing Yards Average Per Rush Rushing Yards Per Game Touchdowns
Pat White 1,185 6.7 98.8 14
Steve Slaton 1,053 5.0 87.8 17

With a rushing attack that successful the play-action pass becomes a success as well. We'll have to ask one of our West Virginia Bloggers this question to be sure but it seems like the Mountaineers run because they want to not because they can't. Pat White has completed 68% of his passes for 1548 yards with a 12 touchdowns to 4 interceptions ratio. When they have to pass Darius Reynaud and Steve Slaton are the go to guys.

Name Receiving Yards Average Per Catch Receiving Yards Per Game Touchdowns
Darius Reynaud 691 11.7 57.6 11
Steve Slaton 348 13.9 29 1

Stats are a mirror reflection of a team and the stats show that the Mountaineers are most dangerous when they run the football. West Virginia has passed for 14 touchdowns this season while they've run for a whopping 45.

The good news for Oklahoma fans is that the Sooner's defense is built to stop the run. Opposing teams averaged only 2.8 yards per carry against an OU defense that gave up only 91.9 yards per game. The Sooners will have to be aware of the play-action pass but at first glance it seems that if you stop the run you stop the Mountaineers.