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Sooner Nation (Train Wreck) Rebroadcast

Catastrophic, train wreck, distracting - there are so many adjectives along those lines that we could use to describe the live broadcast of Sooner Nation Thursday night because of technical difficulties with The good news is that the rebroadcast is working with no issues except that it is in three parts. To listen to the show in order scroll down to the first show dated 12/27 (should be the third one down), that is the first segment of the show, and then work your way up to the top by listening to all three segments. To make things a little easier here are the show topics and the segment they are found in.

Boise State losing the Hawaii Bowl: 1st segment
Football Recruiting: 2nd segment
Bowl Breakdowns: 2nd segment
Basketball vs. WVU: 3rd segment
Football Offensive Player of the Year: 3rd segment
Final Fiesta Bowl thoughts/Lendy Holmes being out - WVU sues Rich Rod: 3rd segment
Emails: 3rd segment

Once again let me say that we do enjoy hearing from our listeners and readers. If you've got an idea for a show topic or questions about Oklahoma Sooner athletics please feel free to email us at

Sooner Nation will air live again next Thursday night, January 3rd. Please feel free to join us and participate through the live chat, by emailing or even calling into the show.