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Lendy Holmes Could Be Ineligible For the Fiesta Bowl

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Lendy Holmes' father has reportedly told the Dallas Morning News that Holmes most likely will not play in the Fiesta Bowl because he is academically ineligible. While there is still hope he could clear before the end of the month we are most likely looking at Dominique Franks getting 100% of the playing time at the cornerback position opposite Marcus Walker.

Holmes had been moved from safety/nickelback to corner in order to replace Reggie Smith who is sitting out of the Fiesta Bowl with a broken toe.

"He needed six grade points to be eligible and he had five. This can be a life lesson for everybody else. This is what happens if you don't take care of your business," Holmes Sr. said. "He's really tore up about it and hurt."

Senior Darien Williams, who started at safety last year, is slated to fill the safety spot left void when Holmes transitioned back to the corner position. West Virginia isn't known as even resembling a passing team but you have to think that they'll at least be tempted to take some shots down field with two backups now starting in the secondary.

"He's let Stoops down and his teammates down. He feels terrible," Holmes said. "Here it is, you have the big stage in a bowl game and he really had the opportunity to shine. But look at the lesson he'll get out of this - that's what I'm proud of. This guy will be focused in for the spring game and for his senior year. This is not the end of the world, because it's only one game, but come game time it's really going to be tough on him."