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Rodriguez to Michigan Once Again Puts Sooners In A No Win Situation At The Fiesta Bowl

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I've said several times on this site that the West Virginia/Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl match-up was the best of the BCS bowl games but now that has changed. Rich Rodriguez will officially be named as the new head coach of the Michigan Wolverines on Monday and the Sooners once again find themselves in a now win situation heading to Glendale.

There was a chance that OU could have won a split national title with an impressive win over the Mountaineers along with an LSU victory over Ohio State in the BCS championship game. Now of Oklahoma beats the Mountaineers they simply did what they were supposed and should they lose it would be to a team who doesn't have a head coach.

So while game wise it may good for the Sooners for the Mountaineers to not have their head coach on the sideline, I'll take Bob Stoops over an interim any day, perception wise it will hurt OU.